The value of Learning in your own Language (at first)

There are many times in your life when you need the ability to learning a large volume of material relative to a new and unfamiliar subject in a short period of time to obtain a professional certification or validate your knowledge via a formal test.
Regardless of the cause, you must learn a new unknown subject in a (short) limited period of time.

Plus, a limited time available is, in most of the case an additional difficulty for non-English speakers.

So, I looked for information (Quora & Google) and for me some of the best pieces of advice that worked were:

  • Read the study material in your native language. This step is important to learn really
  • Read in the language that you need the material. This step is important to make you feel comfortable with the terminology used in the test.
  • Create mind maps with the concepts on handwritting.
  • Look for the best material to start your learning process.

I read the most recommended book for my certification in my native language, really understood concepts and ideas, create a mind maps for each chapter; and later I read the same book and other papers in English (in my case that is the language of the test).

That was the different and the reason because I have learnt more much quickly that in other opportunities.




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