The Importance of Theory

Definition of Theory:
  1. The English word theory was derived from a technical term in philosophy in Ancient Greek. As an everyday word, theoria, θεωρία, meant “a looking at, viewing, beholding”.
  2. A theory is a logical-deductive system consisting of a set of hypothesis, a scope (what this theory, all the things you said) and some rules that allow to draw conclusions from the assumptions of the theory.
On these days we live in a hurry to find a use for everything and precise formula that would solve every problem through a set of steps, giving us a closed and unique solution as if every problem presented was unique.
Not everything should be good for something, there is something deeply enriching only in thinking about a specific topic.
Not everything should be useful for something.
There is other way to see the world, considering each theory as a tool; letting help us to rethink various aspects of reality like a framework, but without the imposition to follow step by step to a pre elaborated formula.
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