How to deal with problems as a team

How effectively a team deals with problems has a critical impact on whether a project succeeds or fails. It is too easy to ignore problems for too long and continue pushing forward on a project, hoping the problem will somehow go away or resolve itself. But problems eventually stop us from working, and they often results in us having to undo work we’ve already done.

Being hit with the need to diagnose a problem and then having to do rework to correct it can have a dramatic effect on our projects.

Mike Griffiths | PMI-ACP Exam Prep

It’s almost impossible to add something to this paragraph because it summarizes many concepts and ideas in a very precise way: we see so many times how people (try to) ignore a problem until it’s become a crisis which exploits in their hands.

And when it happens, when a problem turns into a crisis, everyone panic, opening all the umbrellas they can, with the primary intention of covering themselves.

The real solution is to be proactive, and if we found a problem, in that very moment we must start working on that because to stick our heads, necks, and everything else into the sand is never the answer.

The real answer is to solve the problem.
And it applies in every aspect of our life, never is the solution deny the reality, excellent, good, average o poor it is what it is, and the only real way to improve something is working on that.


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